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Updates Tumor Biology & Immunology : Karin de Visser group

2015 Metastasis Prize of the Beug Foundation for Metastasis Research

Karin de Visser was awarded the 2015 Metastasis Prize for advanced researchers of the Beug Foundation for Metastasis Research (March 30, 2015).


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How immune cells facilitate the spread of breast cancer

The body's immune system fights disease, infections and even cancer, acting like foot soldiers to protect against invaders and dissenters. But it turns out the immune system has traitors amongst their ranks. Dr. Karin de Visser and her team at the Netherlands Cancer Institute discovered that certain immune cells are persuaded by breast tumors to facilitate the spread of cancer cells. Their findings are published advanced online on March 30 in the journal Nature.

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    Karin van der Heijden

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    +31 20 512 2055


'Research for the benefit of cancer patients'

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