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Surgical Oncology


Groups within research area Surgical Oncology

Theo Ruers

Theo Ruers

Surgical Oncology
Liver Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Image guided surgery


Image guided interventions in oncology: An innovative concept was developed and implemented to improve surgical outcome in oncology by image guided surgery. This new approach is concentrated around the following sequential steps within the surgical work flow: tumour localization, tumour treatment and assessment of tumour treatment. For the first step a surgical electromagnetic navigation system was developed and implemented that guides the surgeon with high accuracy to the place of tumour tissue. The second step, surgical resection, is monitored by smart surgical instruments and optical imaging such as optical spectroscopy, able to differentiate real time tumour tissue from normal tissue at the tip of the surgical instrument. This approach enables radical resection of all tumour tissue. In the third step, success of treatment is evaluated by smart camera systems such as multispectral camera images of the specimen and resection area to assure that all tumour tissue has been removed. We succeeded to bring these techniques from bench to bedside and currently we are introducing this technology within the surgical work flow. Within the project there was a strong collaboration with the Technical University Twente and commercial partners (e.g., Philips).

Technology development was allied to the design and realization of a new operating theatre complex with specific facilities for image guided surgery. After safely bringing the technology for image guided surgery into the surgical work flow, the technology is now being evaluated within a broad range of surgical procedures and tested for efficacy and cost effectiveness. 

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