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Updates Molecular Carcinogenesis : René Bernards group

Award Acadamy Hoogleraren KNAW 2013

The Academy confers two separate Academy Professor Prizes a year, one to a researcher in the social sciences or humanities, and the other to a researcher in the natural, technical or life sciences. The Prize is intended as a lifetime achievement award for researchers who are between 54 and 59 years of age and regarded as world-class in their field.

René Bernards is a molecular oncologist at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (Amsterdam) and a part-time professor of molecular carcinogenesis at Utrecht University. Wil Roebroeks is a professor of archaeology at Leiden University. Both researchers will receive the sum of EUR 1 million, which they can use at their discretion to fund scholarly or scientific research.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs makes a contribution towards the prize. The two recipients were selected by an international jury appointed by the Royal Academy. The Prizes is awarded on Thursday 27 June at the Academy's Trippenhuis Building in Amsterdam.

Award Academy Professor 2013 KNAW

KWF Prize - Queen Wilhelmina Research Prize 2012

Rene Bernards was awarded the Queen Wilhelmina Research Prize of EUR 2 million from the Dutch Cancer Society (January 29, 2013)

KWF - Queen Wilhelmina Research Prize 2012

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