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Updates Biochemistry : Thijn Brummelkamp group

Marie Curie Fellowship has been awarded to Matthijs Raaben

Matthijs Raaben, postdoc in the research group of Thijn Brummelkamp, has been awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship by the European Union. The fellowship aims to stimulate the career of young, talented researchers within the EU.

Thijn Brummelkamp receives the EMBO Gold Medal 2013

The EMBO Gold Medal is awarded annually to scientists under the age of 40 for outstanding contributions to the life sciences in Europe.

Thijn Brummelkamp receives the EMBO Gold Medal 2013

August 2012: Molecular Biosystems Early Career Award awarded to Thijn Brummelkamp.

The Molecular Biosystems Early Career Award is awarded to Thijn Brummelkamp at the annual meeting for Systems Biology (ICSB) in Toronto.

Molecular Biosystems Early Career Award is awarded to Thijn Brummelkamp in Toronto

Ammodo award for Thijn Brummelkamp

NKI researcher Thijn Brummelkamp has received an Ammodo Award from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (Dutch abbreviation: KNAW). He is one of eight promising Dutch researchers who will receive the award this year. The Ammodo Award aims to stimulate fundamental scientific research and is awarded to researchers who obtained their PhD less than 15 years ago. The award comes with a grant of 300.000 Euro.

Brummelkamp, who heads a research group within the division of Biochemistry, says he feels 'very honored'. He adds: "Our experiments are expensive. This award will help us to expand our research." Brummelkamp wants to use the funding to study gene-gene interactions that play a role in healthy tissues or in human disease.

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